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Designing for successful experiences is a continuous process requiring knowledgeable teams and smart strategies. With us, you have both.

"Experience by Design’s rational, methodical approach to UX design, coupled with their ability to quickly understand and apply insights to our complex application domain, blew us away."

– VP, Product Development, Perfman Software

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Experience by Design has worked with clients from a range of industries since 2001. Using a mix of big-picture thinking and UX design techniques, we have helped venture-backed and Fortune 500 companies, associations, nonprofits and public sector organizations deliver successful, user-friendly experiences and solutions to their target audiences for better performance and results.

  • Enterprise Work Process + Tool Redesign: User-friendly tools and people-centered processes to reduce bottlenecks, lower the learning curve, and improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity for better performance.
  • UX Architecture + Content Strategy: Redesign page layouts, navigation, and content for a more engaging, intuitive, and friendly user experience.
  • Lean UX + Prototyping: UX strategy, product design, and prototyping for a cybersecurity training portal proof-of-concept.
  • Web Site Unification + Redesign: Creating a one-stop, daily resource for treasury and finance professionals worldwide to increase engagement and revenue.
  • UX Strategy + IA: UX strategy and information architecture to support AOL’s transition from an internet service provider (ISP) to a digital media advertising company.
  • Enterprise Product Redesign: Unify product user interfaces and extend functionality to improve user performance and meet the evolving needs in information technology and network operations management and security professionals.
  • Information Architecture + Content Strategy: Designing new structures and mapping content assets for migration to new technology infrastructure and a more unified, user-friendly experience for users of
  • UX Research: Target audience studies and usability testing to unify customer touchpoints and guide marketing, customer acquisition, and sales process transformation.
  • Lean UX + Usability Testing: Information architecture and user research to guide design and support agile development sprints.
  • Product Strategy + UX Design: Digital product strategy and cross-channel UX design to reach, engage, and connect a global soccer audience.
  • Product Strategy + Design: UX strategy and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a new product division of a professional eDiscovery services company.
  • Executive UX Leadership: Bringing UX maturity to the enterprise with user research and data-driven design methods focused on better outcomes.
  • UX Research: Improve user experience, content relevancy, and adoption with deeper understanding of target audience goals and information needs.
  • Enterprise UX + Service Design: Analyzing and redesigning work processes for better visibility, alignment, and responsiveness to improve customer onboarding and service delivery.
  • Enterprise UX and Service Design: Improving performance and cross-organizational collaboration with an intuitive, user-friendly, and unified user interface and functionality.
  • Enterprise UX: Unified tools and processes to improve user performance and operational efficiency within the enterprise.
  • Enterprise Product Redesign: Refactor and refresh products to capitalize on new technology and marketplace trends.
  • Digital Strategy + Service Design: Align web presence and operations to meet evolving target audience demographics and industry trends.

List of Projects



American Bankers Association (ABA)

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)

Bradford Networks

Census Bureau

Constellation Energy

Fannie Mae



Freddie Mac

Genius Rocket

Georgetown University Medical Center


Merchant Link

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Perfman Software (A division of ASG Software)


Sallie Mae

Sprint (formerly Nextel Communications)




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