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Lean UX + Prototyping: UX strategy, product design, and prototyping for a cybersecurity training portal proof-of-concept.


Accenture’s government and public sector sales and acquisition team needed help conceptualizing, designing, and building a user-friendly, engaging, functional proof-of-concept prototype for a cybersecurity training portal. 


Experience by Design (EBD) started with a series of work sessions to outline the goals, timeline, priorities, and desired deliverables for the project. We then reviewed the available documentation, wireframes, and an InVision prototype concept designed and built by Accenture’s UX studio team. We held a series of planning meetings with the Program Manager and the Tech Lead to review our findings and discuss our proposed approach, staffing, and plan for the project. 

Next, we scheduled three recurring workshops and review sessions per week to take place over two three-week sprint cycles – that is, 18 workshops in six weeks. The focus of the initial set of workshops was to:

  • Identify and flesh out user stories.
  • Layout screens for the training portal’s container, core features, and functionality.
  • Iterate and extend the initial UI and visual design.

The workshops continued with the design and iteration of the portal’s container, global elements, and key screens for each of the core user stories, as well as laying foundations for development of the prototype. We ran these workshops and review sessions and refined the design until the prototype was complete. 


We delivered a semi-functional, interactive prototype for Accenture’s government and public sector sales and acquisition team to demonstrate their vision to their prospective clients. 

List of Services

  • Project + Sprint Planning  
  • Collaborative Workshops
  • Product Design
  • UX Team Management + Tasking
  • Interaction Design
  • Storyboarding + UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping  + Front-end Development (Custom CSS, JavaScript Framework)

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