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Enterprise Work Process + Tool Redesign: User-friendly tools and people-centered processes to remove bottlenecks, lower the learning curve, and improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.


The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) provides a variety of services to motor vehicle departments across the United States and Canada to help those organizations serve the public. AAMVA provides AAMAVAnet, a network service that enables speedy and secure system-level interoperability and information exchange between motor vehicle departments. Because computer systems, network infrastructure, and data formats differ greatly across motor vehicle departments in different jurisdictions, the verification, onboarding, and maintenance of compliance to AAMVAnet standards and protocols is a fairly complex process. After years of tweaks, changes, and evolving technologies, the processes and tools for verifying and onboarding motor vehicle departments systems had become manually intensive, inefficient, and in need of an update. AAMVA wanted a UX consultancy with enterprise UX and service design expertise to help them rethink processes, unify, and update the inward- and outward-facing systems and tools to streamline  the verification, onboarding and maintenance lifecycle.


Experience by Design (EBD) kicked off the project with a review of AAMVA’s existing tools, a series of contextual inquiry studies with customer support and testing and QA staff to observe how they worked, and meetings with leadership and staff from AAMVA’s program office, customer support, testing and QA, IT and software engineering teams to discuss their vision, key challenges, pain points, and desired outcomes for the project. We used the findings from our discovery efforts to develop a formal brief that outlined key insights, a proposed plan, and timeline for the project. Recommendations in the brief included:

  • An end-to-end review of the testing and QA and customer onboarding and processes
  • The concept of a visually-oriented test, QA, and compliance scenario modeling tool. connected to a library of scenario templates to standardize, streamline, and automate as much of the test setup process as possible to reduce the time and effort involved in setting up and administering verification, onboarding, and compliance testing.

After socializing and reviewing a draft of the brief with the customer support and testing and QA SMEs, the brief was presented to the leadership of AAMVA’s program office, customer support, and testing and QA teams for feedback and approval. Once approved, we launched parallel process modeling and tool analysis and design work streams. We worked with SMEs from the customer support and testing and QA teams to walk through the end-to-end onboarding and testing lifecycle to identify inefficiencies, pain points, and gaps in the process. We collaborated with senior members of the IT and software engineering team to brainstorm possible solutions for the tool UI and feature set, as well as identify technical opportunities and constraints. This was done so that we could gauge feasibility and to consider during the design of the testing tool UI and feature set. The efforts resulted in detailed work model diagrams that identified points in the testing and QA and customer onboarding lifecycles where things could be automated and work processes and work outputs updated.

The work sessions also yielded novel designs for a more logically structured and intuitive testing tool that used a library of customizable template-based scenarios that would simplify the creation, running, and sharing of valid test scenarios by and between internal AAMVA and external motor vehicle department personnel.


We delivered a streamlined and unified testing process along with designs for a more intuitive and user-friendly tool with a shallower learning curve. This new process and tool provided greater efficiency and better collaboration between AAMVA and motor vehicle department personnel involved in testing, validating, onboarding, and monitoring the compliance and interoperability of systems on AAMVAnet.

List of Services

  • UX Strategy
  • UX Team + Design Management
  • Project Management
  • IA, IxD, + UI Design & Content Design
  • Process, Workflow + Task Analysis
  • One-on-one Interviews + Contextual Inquiry
  • Collaborative Design Workshops 
  • Target Audience Profile
  • Industry + Competitor Research

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