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UX Architecture + Content Strategy: Redesign page layouts, navigation, and content for a more engaging, intuitive, and friendly user experience.


AARP product and topic microsite managers needed a new content model, page template architecture and navigation strategy to integrate their offerings into the organization’s new content management system and redesigned website,


Experience by Design worked with AARP’s product and topic microsite teams to review and classify their offerings and content. We then helped them create a plan and procedures for reworking their offerings to fit the new AARP web guidelines, and provided direction on rewriting and reorganizing their content into a more web-friendly format.

Using what we learned about their product and content offerings, Experience by Design created page layouts, content modules and a navigation strategy that ensured compliance with the new web guidelines and fit seamlessly into the new website.


The AARP product and channel publication teams successfully migrated their offerings into the new, providing their audiences with engaging displays of user-friendly content supported by intuitive, well-integrated and easy-to- use navigation.

List of Services

  • UX Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation Design
  • Content Strategy
  • UI Design

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