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Executive UX Leadership: Bringing UX maturity to the enterprise with user research and data-driven design methods focused on better outcomes.

QuoteCenter is The Home Depot’s $9 billion building materials and services marketplace for professional builders, remodelers, and property managers. As a member of The Home Depot QuoteCenter’s leadership team I built and nurtured a mature collaborative design culture and user-centered design capability that transformed ways of working and measures of success across the enterprise.

I championed and led a diverse UX organization centered on:

  • Mature, collaborative and iterative UX design methods focused on human-centered solutions for better outcomes.
  • Mixed-method UX research and data-driven UX strategy and design solutions for best-of-breed, contextually relevant offerings and tools through continuous improvement and optimization.
  • Lean UX techniques for accelerated speed-to-value at reduced risk.

Success Stories

Transformed The Home Depot QuoteCenter’s culture and ways of working to be more human-centered as I repositioned UX from a reactive order-taker posture focused on outputs to a mature, strategic and proactive operating unit focused on outcomes. Below are descriptions of the key pillars of that success.

Human-Centered & Mature UX Mindset

Drove culture change, redefined UX, and established a mature human-centered mindset to design for experiences in ways that deliver value across the product lifecycle and better performance and results for the business.

Insights and Data-Driven Design

Introduced Quality of Experience (QoX) to The Home Depot QuoteCenter as a set of core qualitative and quantitative measures of success to:

  • Drive a systematic feedback loop to inform and guide continuous improvement and optimization of The Home Depot QuoteCenter’s tools and services offerings.
  • Gauge how efficiently and effectively—or not—users performed task using our tools.
  • Provide visibility and more nuanced perspective to user success and pain.
  • Quantify the impact and opportunity cost of poor experiences to both the business and users.
  • Inform data-driven prioritization, decision-making and solutions.

Collaborative and Outcome-Focused Ways of Working

Connected, aligned, and defined Product, UX, and Engineering roles, responsibilities and processes to foster increased cross-functional team collaboration, enterprise-wide visibility, and trust for more reliable and efficient delivery of successful solutions across the board.

UX Design & UX Research Operations

Built UX Ops with a UX research arm and a UX strategy and design arm where the latter used the insights and findings from the formers research and data of to inform and guide design priorities and solutions.

UX Staffing and Assignments

Designed a staffing model that transformed UX from an embedded “full-stack” designer posture to a more specialized one with work assignments made based on matching skill set and experience to the type of challenge to be solved.

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