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Enterprise Product Redesign: Refactor and refresh products to capitalize on new technology and marketplace trends.


Telarix, the global leader in telecommunications interconnect, wanted to refresh and upgrade their iXTools product suite and deliver them as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to align with evolving marketplace forces. The company needed a knowledgeable and experienced UX and product design consultancy to help them modernize and unify the user interface of their product suite, improve functionality, and create new screens and functionality to capitalize on current and emerging market trends. 


Working with Telarix’s CTO, VP of Engineering, and VP of Product, Experience by Design (EBD) crafted a horizontal, cross-functional experience model that unified the iXTools UI and replaced the siloed and vertically-oriented model that had existed. 

We used this horizontal model to guide the design of a new container framework for the iXTools suite, as well as a set of functional flows and wireframes for development of a proof-of-concept prototype. The product team used the proof-of-concept prototype to get internal buy-in, solicit external feedback, and to help gauge fit for the marketplace. Next, the engineering team used the proof-of-concept to determine feasibility, level of effort, and identify key risks prior to embarking full steam ahead on development.

With fit and feasibility confirmed, we partnered with Telarix’s product and engineering teams to put together a product roadmap and project plan. The result was a lean, collaborative, and iterative UX strategy, design, and front-end development process to run each module of the iXTools suite through. The process called for analysis, design, and build sprints, followed by testing, audience validation, and release.


Telarix successfully integrated the new UI and transitioned its iXTools suite to a refactored SaaS platform. The new platform gave Telarix a more flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly tool ready to keep pace with a dynamic and evolving telecommunications marketplace. The new platform also provided a solution that was:

  • Much easier for target customers to implement and rollout operationally.
  • Easier and less costly for both Telarix and customers to administer and maintain.
  • Viable and attractive to customers in other segments of the telecommunications industry.

List of Services  

  • Brainstorming + Collaborative Design Workshops  
  • Proof of Concept Design
  • UX Team + Design Management
  • Project Planning + Management
  • Concept Modeling + Alignment
  • IA, IxD + UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • UI Specification + Patterns
  • Experience Review + Analysis
  • Front-end Engineering & Development (CSS, JavaScript)

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Explore Our Work

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